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Computer Studies

Information technology courses deal with training on the use of computers to aid business processes. Computers are used in activities such as sorting data, recording information for future use, printing documents, searching information, sharing information and so on.


The following courses are offered:

Certificate for IT Users

[3 Months - City & Guilds]

​Diploma in Information & Communication Technology(ICT)

[6 months KNEC]

​Certificate in Information Technology

[6 months KNEC]

​Certificate in Computer Applications (MS Office Suite, etc)

[2 Months City & Guilds]

​Computer Graphics Specialist (Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Applied Programming Specialist (Visual Basic.NET,Java, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Accounting Programs Specialist (Sage, Quickbooks, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Architectural Programs Specialist (ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Statistical Programs Specialist (SPSS, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Web Communication Systems (Internet, E-mail, etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Web Design Specialist (HTML, CSS, PHP, Dreamweaver etc)

[36 hrs Each City & Guilds]

​Certificate in Information Technology [6 Months City & Guilds​]

Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

[12, 12 Months City & Guilds​]

Cert, Diploma in Computer Science & Information Processing

[6, 12 Months ICM]​

Advanced Computer Science & Information Processing

[12 Months ICM]

​Certificate in Computerised Accounting

[6 Months City & Guilds]

​Certificate in PC Maintenance

[2 Months City & Guilds]

​Certificate in Computer Networking

[2 Months City & Guilds]

​Certificate, Diploma in Computer Engineering & Maintenance

[6, 12 Months City & Guilds]

​Diploma in Software Engineering & Web Designing

[12 Months City & Guilds]

​A+ Certification, N+ Certification

[6 Months Each CompTIA​]

International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Certification

[2 Months ICDL]

Certificate/ Diploma in professional computer engineering

[6 months/ module ABMA]

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